This portfolio displays a selection of commissioned soundtrack work and collaborations with artists in the visual field

DESIGN | Mukzin x Harbin aw20 @ NYFW

Fashion Show Soundtrack by Generation Watts

Composition: KISSEY & Andy Bauer

Music Production: KISSEY & Andy Bauer

Audio Mix & Master: Andy Bauer & Jeremy Paige

DESIGN | Rad Hourani unisex #14

production - songwriting - performance - sound design

project link

DESIGN | Feng Chen Wang graduate collection ss16

production - songwriting - performance - sound design 

ART | Sputniko  'Amy's Glowing Silk - Tanceflora

production - song writing - performance - synth design 

project link

DESIGN | Givenchy SS 15 (Paris Fashion Week)

vocals - co-writing | 'Elegant Stomp' + 'Deep Breathe'


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