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Sound Thinking NYC Panel - CUNY

Sound Thinking NYC's panel "Career Goals: Whose Voices Matter? Connections, Community and Diversifying the Music Industry" happened Friday and KISSEY was one of the panelist who participated. Sound Thinking is a free program offered by The CUNY's CAT team, The NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment in partnership with NY Is Music. ST are currently doing a 3 week summer music intensive program with 50 select students. In this first panel, which was lead by Shira Gans, other panelist who participated were - Carletta Higgenson, Rachel Hislop, Molly Neuman, Judy Tint, Erica Glyn, Alicia Barret & Rebecca Huston. After the panel the students and the panelist did a "speed mentoring" session, this allowed the students to get to know and ask the participants their own questions.

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