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OUT Magazine - "Artist KISSEY Unplugs For Breakout EP." (interview)

"For Swedish electronic musician Kissey, her songs come with three simple steps: lean in, listen, and learn. The multitalented singer/songwriter/producer/artist, whose career began with the help of a math teacher in a Stockholm classroom years ago, is back with a new album and new label.

Released on Brooklyn’s Fools Gold, her Unplug the Delusional Monkey EP definitely takes the prize for the strangest album title of the year, but comes away with a fresh take on electronica and hip-hop." - OUT


KISSEY sat down at a cafe in Williamsburg with OUT and conversed about the Delusional Monkey EP, how her math teacher taught her how to DJ, and individualism.


Read the full interview here.


Photo by Wenjun Liang.

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