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'Unplug' Video Premiere on The FADER

"I met with [director] Nick Ace and told him about how I was working on transferring a lot of energy that I was honing in meditation to creating the EP itself, and how this was a completely new way of creating for me," she said. "As we continued to talk - he taught me about how photographers in the late 19th century did extensive exposure-experiments to "prove" that other dimensions existed and how he had been extremely interested with this lately. He wanted to translate that energy in to this video. It all became such a beautiful correlation to me personally; I was reading about String Theory and the theory of an existing multiverse, and I feel is the same vibration of proving something we yet can not see."

- KISSEY to The Fader.

Directed by Nick Ace and Mari Juliano - you can now stream the new video for 'Unplug'.


Read Fader's post here or view the video onsite.

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